About Scotland

It was time to… travel again! After my fourth semester and 4 weeks of work experience my holidays began for real! The perfect opportunity to follow my family on a trip to Scotland. I took a flight Hamburg-Amsterdam-Glasgow together with my little brother. His last trip before his year abroad in Peru. After some hours of flight, we finally reached our final destination in Glasgow where our parents waited for us. Too tired to do a lot, we went to bed early. The next morning we ambled a tittle through Glasgow, then we started our tour northwards.


Oban was the next point on the map. During our way, we drove by a beautiful lake – found a place for a coffee, and saw the most amazing rainbow!
Oban itself is a little town with a charming harbor-area and a pretty good fish-restaurant with fresh fish and seafood! A good decision to take a seafood-platter there!
After two nights in a bed and breakfast and some hiking trips, we moved on to the well-known Isle of Skye. There, of course we hiked a lot through the incredible landscape, on high plateaus, in the clouds, sometimes with lots of biting midges, with rain and sun.
And sheep, sheep everywhere. And sometimes cows. Not forgetting the bulls. One day on trip, my little brother pulled the attention of one of them while taking a picture. But he survived :P. I don’t have to talk about the seagulls, a pictures says more!
After 3 days on the island we moved on to Pitlochry, where we spend a night and said good-bye to my little brother, who went home after a week.


The next day, with a person less, we went up to a little fisher-town called Buckie where had a pretty remote log cabin on a hill with a perfect spot over the coast. After a week with an everyday full English-breakfast, it was a nice change to have simple and light breakfast in the morning again :P. The weather got better, we could even spend some days on the beach, where we saw some dolphins far away. To get them closer, we decided to do a boat tour – and we were really lucky: Not even 30 minutes on bord, a group of dolphins was around us, cheering everyone up with crazy jumps. What a great experience to see these amazing animals so close! The same day we discovered a seal colonie with really lazy seals…they seemed to have a pretty relaxed life!

Like always, time went on so fast, and after a trip to Aberdeen and Edinburgh, we ended our Scotland trip in Glasgow, where it began. Scotland with its beautiful landscape and nature is definitely worth to discover!

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